Past Performance (Select): 100+ Projects - Cross-Industry, Cross-Theater, Time-Sensitive, Mission-Critical!

Worldwide Banking and Services Company

  • Ownership: Chief Information Officer
  • Scope: Compliance, Investment banking, insurance, security and safety in accordance with requirements of US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Federal Trade Commission (FTC)
  • Outcome:  Implementation of the corporate risk strategy following the merger of two large financial institutions 

Corporate Risk Balance Sheet - ENa™

  • Ownership: Corporate Risk and Chief Financial Officer 
  • Scope: Design and implementation of a patented corporate risk and resilience ledger application (deployed in 8-weeks)
  • Outcome: Worldwide Risk Awareness, Training (20 Workshops + Experiential Training), Corporate Risk Architecture,  Corporate Governance Policy & Procedure

Global Power Supply Company with US/EU Operations

  • Ownership: EVP Power Supply Operations, Chief Security Officer
  • Scope: Implementation of Corporate Reliability Resilience Program
  • Outcome: Risk and Resilience, Reliability and Sustainability measures, Mitigation Planning including Emergency Management, Asset Management, Incidence Response, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity

Global Telecom with Worldwide ICT Infrastructure

  • Ownership: Chief Information Officer, Asset Management
  • Scope: Asset Management project for bench-marking of 20 sites based on enhanced Telecom Operational Framework (eTOM). 
  • Outcome: Asset models as a repeatable framework for the company’s performance measurement and investment planning activities. 

US-based Multi-National Financial Services

  • Ownership: Worldwide Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel 
  • Scope: Credit and Retail banking Compliance with in accordance with over 20 regulations in multiple jurisdictions. 
  • Outcome: Corporate-wide regulatory exposure analysis and harmonization mitigation report of compliance, security, operations, human capital, and marketing.   

US based Electricity Transmission Operator

  • Ownership: Chief Information Officer 
  • Scope: Implementation of North American Electricity Reliability (NERC) Standards Compliance and Audit – including asset performance analysis/ tracking of the assets, 5000 data point analytics library and initiation of actions in case of target deviations.
  • Outcome: Risk-based Asset Identification and Asset Management.

The role and involvement of Corporate Risk needs to be clear and explicit to directly and measurably contribute to business objectives.