The Road-map to Corporate Risk and Intelligence Operation

Professional Risk Services

The case for Corporate Risk and Intelligence Operation arise from the urgent need for: 

1.  Accountability to Stakeholders
Demonstrate accountability to the public, regulators, investors, and internal stakeholders, based on verifiable facts and be able to report on time sensitive events and incidents. 

2.  Actionable Intelligence
Make actionable intelligence available to the leadership, stakeholders, decision-makers - at the time when critical business decisions are made. 

3.  Cost Saving and Consistency

Mounting regulatory pressure on investors for deeper investment due diligence is yet another pressing point for infrastructure companies to maximize return on their assets and   enhance their risk reporting and disclosure capabilities.

Risk Mosaic Professional services + Cutting-edge Technology = Unparalleled Problem Solving Capability

Risk Services  

  1. Enterprise Risk Accounting Architecture 
  2. Enterprise Governance and Resilience 
  3. Business Risk Strategy (Corporate Initiative/ Capital Investment (CAPEX Risk Management)  
  4. Return on Asset Modelling (RoA) 
  5. Exposure Analysis and Cyber Risk  
  6. Physical/ Operational Risk Architecture
  7. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) 
  8. Incident Response (IR) 
  9. Disaster Recovery (DR) 
  10. Continuity of Operations (COOP) 

Data Services 

  1. Data Analysis, Mapping and Investigation 
  2. Data Architecture Design 
  3. Data Integration & Pattern Detection  

Software Services

  1. Risk System Design
  2. Advanced Data Visualization 
  3. Data Optimization Platforms 

The Difference

We have an exclusive focus on Infrastructure Risk, Critical Infrastructure Assets and Key Resources that are fundamental to economic growth.

We draw lessons from years of cross-industry experience working on mission-critical and time-sensitive projects with senior leadership in government, banking, insurance, healthcare, and manufacturing. 

Our integrated approach to risk, operations, security and profitability offer a unique and panoramic view of risk.

We have access to vast amount of operational data and market intelligence.